Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


A collection of from Japan’s most innovative and acclaimed film directors, including the recent Golden Leopard winner, The Rebirth.

Greatly influenced by French director Truffaut, Kobayashi’s films are appreciated for their originality and stripped down aesthetics. This unique collection is comprised of five of his most highly regarded films:

CLOSING TIME (1996): Kobayashi’s first feature length movie

BOOTLEG FILM (1999): Un Certain Regard – Cannes

MAN WALKING ON SNOW (2001): Un Certain Regard – Cannes

BASHING (2005): In Competition – Cannes

THE REBIRTH (2007): winner of the Golden Leopard at Locarno ’07.
After a Tokyo schoolgirl is convicted of having stabbed to death one of her classmates, her mother Noriko and the victim’s father Junichi each decide to move as far as possible from their hometown. Incidentally, they both relocate to Hokkaido, where their work will bring them together. Little by little, a close bond will form between Noriko and Junichi…

BASHING (2005): In Competition – Cannes