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A deft, witty and emotionally rewarding study of a thirtysomething man in his roles as father and son.

Delicate, bittersweet comedy…The film’s most touching moments find Ariel bonding with his 2½-year-old-son while Sandra goes on a Pilates retreat. In the scenes of this adorable, happy little boy reaching out to his father, you can feel a bond of trust and devotion deepening into a lifelong attachment.

(Burman) makes lovely use of ellipses throughout, speeding the story along without sacrificing character nuance…his actors bring heart to a film that blares with fine details.

A very articulate comedy about fatherhood and marriage…The style is casual, the dialogue and narration sharp. There’s an excellent Cesar Lerner score that sounds a bit like Dave Brubeck on the beach. The actors, to a man and woman, nail their parts.

A funny, rueful tale of a Buenos Aires yuppie caught between his father and fatherhood. It’s a deceptively small film, one whose observations may continue to detonate quietly in your mind after the lights have come up.

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