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A totally bizarre mix of live action, animation and life-size puppets, there is both an unsettling nightmarish quality to this film, as well as an eccentric humour. The surreal imagery and weird
human/puppet interchanges make for some astonishing cinema. The experience feels very much like stepping into a very believable but totally absurd parallel universe, where some of the more unsavoury aspects of humankind are laid bare. Completely mad and not to be missed.

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With its blend of live action, chattering marionettes, and weird, fleshy stop-motion sequences—not to mention the pitch-black of the humor—it throws you off balance more thoroughly than any other movie in town.

The director grafts a wealth of themes, motifs, allusions and gags, his method an expertly executed, profoundly imaginative combination of live action, claymation, puppet theatre, stop-motion animation and special effects…this is a film which galvanises the mind and astonishes the eye. In a word, magic.

The devil summoned by Faust’s magic wand produces such genuine terror that, even though Faust is only a puppet, we rush, like the protagonist, to escape from his grasp.
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FAUST still 4