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Bellocchio is a confident stylist, and his mise en scene here brings out the sombre mood of the underlying theme.


Marco Bellocchio reaffirms the dignity of life in another film of sparkling intelligence, set around a real-life euthanasia case.


Italy’s contentious debate over euthanasia forms the backdrop to Marco Bellocchio’s thought-provoking exploration of life, love and politics, “Dormant Beauty.” Set in 2009, when the country was wracked with infighting over the fate of comatose Eluana Englaro, the pic uses four stories to tease out debate on the sanctity of life. Itself the object of political wrangling, “Beauty” has numerous scenes of enormous power, though removing one unnecessary plot strand would allow deeper probing elsewhere. Controversy at home will help local biz, while the stimulating artistry should awaken arthouse interest.