Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


In the summer after Nina’s graduation, her life changed forever. Her best friends became victims of a psychopath, herself and her best friend Mona just barely escaping death. Nina has now only one wish: to forget. She leaves her hometown, breaks off all contacts and moves to Vienna to start a new life.
A year and a half later, a disturbing and terrified call in the middle of the night from Mona, breaks her exile. She tries to contact her, but she seems to have disappeared. Her cell phone number no longer exists, and the gas station, which Mona’s father had run, has mysteriously closed down. The only remaining trace of her friend leads to Tyrol, to Mona’s place of birth, and finally, to a lonely inn in the snow-covered mountains. The villagers avoid the place. They don’t like the innkeepers and rumors circulate about the woman living there with her three grown sons. Despite all warnings, Nina heads for the mountains alone. What Nina finds at the inn is far more terrifying than the rumors…

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