Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


From the director of Festen, a tender offbeat comedy on the complexities of love and family.

It’s summertime and the famous opera singer Karl Kristian Schmidt is on his way home. The town has come alive for his performance, and at the centre of all the madness and expectations we find the shy and stuttering Sebastian who is engaged to the beautiful Claudia. However his first love, the irresistible Maria resurfaces and even though he had promised himself to remain the nicest guy in town they collide in a ripe grain field. To top it all, his lesbian mother reveals that his supposedly dead father is none other than Karl Kristian Schmidt, who has also had a collision of his own with the beautiful Maria. During a grand gala dinner, the skeletons come rattling out of the closet. A man has come home – and nothing is as it used to be!

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